About me

Mother, Art teacher & artist

Celia Martine Pickering, that’s me above, I’m a mother of twins and independent Art teacher. I recently started an art teacher role in a PRU secondary School in London. I’m originally from Birmingham and moved to London in my late 20’s, I met my other half and settled down in Chiswick, West London. After having my children, I decided to have a change in career, I became an Ofsted registered childminder, for nearly 9 years, which allowed me to be at home with my own children and study.

After studying art for several years I was keen to encourage my own children to be creative and outgoing, I’m a believer that art encourages self confidence. I feel art plays a important in children’s development, helping them to grow into a strong and confident adults. My art classes happened organically, during my time as a childminder I was able to hold small art classes from local nannies and friends which then let into my pre school classes in local cafes an then into nurseries and primary schools.

‘I have been running art classes for many years and love doing them. I research new artists and techniques each week. All my experience of working with children as a mother and childminder, also being a qualified teaching assistant plus my obvious love for Art, I have some great tools to teach children the wonderful world of art and how to be creative. I believe that exposing children to the world of art, can teach them so much more than just being creative. Our children are the next generation and I would hate for creative children not to have opportunities to be creative. I believe in positive teaching during my classes, giving the children lots of praise and encouragement. Nothing is wrong in the arty world, its all matter of opinion, as the famous saying says, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I will always encourage and help a child develop in as many areas as possible, using their natural skills and talent. As my classes show many techniques and styles, the children can find their own perfect style to express themselves or improve what they know already.’

Since covid I have struggled to keep my independent classes going, zoom has been a great platform but now all the childrens schooling in via the screen, many parents aren’t as keen for additional screen classes. I miss my classes but I’m lucky to have my job in a London PRU school and the lockdown haven’t given me time to paint and sell my own work.

I am planning to provide all the classes and more once teaching face to face is allowed, watch this space, until the follow me on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration and art activities to do at home, as a parent or carer or for yourself.

Celia Martine Pickering, the artist. Head to @celiamartinepickering to see her affordable art on paper.