Relax with Colouring in

Download my Free colouring in sheet, for both adults and children.

Why not relax by colouring in my free doodle sheet for the whole family. For a challenge limit your pallet or choose a square each and make it a family activity.
I can’t wait to see your efforts and creativity, post your colouring in on your social media pages and tag me in, @artwithlittlepics.

Colouring in has a crucial place in a child development and can easily be incorporated into a child’s day. It provides an opportunity to practice and develop many skills such as concentration, fine motor and coordination for early writing skills and correct finger grip.

Colouring in will encourage wellbeing and mindfulness in all ages, an opportunity to relax and take time away from the stressful challenges of covid, homeschooling and working from home.

Summer Art Workshops

Art, Art and more Art in a safe environment in West London, Chiswick.

During August @artwithlittlepics will be running Art workshops, helping and encouraging our young artists to develop and explore art and creativity. Each day new art activities will be available, so your child will not cover the same artwork or artists twice. Their days will be full of art but will encourage wellbeing and mindfulness. With yoga, music and down time, so time for making friends, being with friends in a safe space.

Location: St Michaels Church, Elmwood Road, Grove Park, Chiswick. W4, West London. E3 bus route, close to Chiswick Train station.

Age: Monday’s 2+ 9.30-11.30/12.30-2.30, drop off

6+ Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s & Thursday’s 9.30-3pm.

Cost: 2 – 5 years £23.50 per session, 6+ £55.00 per day Or £150.00 for three days

Enquire now:

Each child will need to bring their packed lunch, extra snacks and water bottle. Depending on weather sun cream or Woolly Hat. Outside space available for break and lunch time. Temperatures will be taken at the door and Hand sanitiser will be provided. Please see T&C’s, policies and keeping safe during Covid before booking.

Why not head to @artwithlittlepics on Instagram and Facebook to see all previous classes and artwork our local children have created.

Southfield after School Art Club

Location: Southfield Primary School, Chiswick, West London

After School until 5.15pm, Tuesdays and Wednesdays NOW FULL

New Term – Week commencing 28th October – week commencing 9th December

Next Term – Week commencing 13th January – Week commencing 10th February, 5 week Art Term £92.50 per child, after school until 5.15pm

All classes, clubs and workshops are non refundable
All children aged 5 – 11 years (year 1 – year 5), who love to spend their time drawing, colouring, painting and being creative or who just want to be creative will love this class. The class is designed for children to learn new and wonderful ways to express themselves, in a relaxed atmosphere, improving their natural talents or helping improve confidence. My after-school club at Southfield Primary School, Chiswick, W4 will give the children a chance to meet new friends, use their natural talents, have time to reflect (mindfulness) and have time to create some wonderful pieces of art work. The children will have their own sketch books which they will be able to take home and continue their new-found techniques in their own time. The children will also have some amazing masterpieces to display at home and show family and friends. Each week the children will learn and discuss a wonderful artist from around the world, their techniques and styles. The class will begin with a group discussion on the work we will be focusing on, reading out loud from an information sheet and then the children with start a step to step process on creating their masterpiece, with as much support they need or want.

October – December 2019

Week 1: Yayoi Kusama – Spots

Week 2: Edvard Munch – Scream

Week 3: Frida Kahlo – Flowers (back by popular demand)

Week 4: Julian Montague – Fruit and colours

Week 5: Salvador Dali – Sleeping face

Week 6: Bortusk Leer – Street Monster

Week 7: Carlo Carra – Still Life

Please contact me for payment details.

The amazing @sophie_newnham has generously offered her time and skills to help the children develop their skills. See her work

If you are a primary school or nursery looking for extra curriculum, art inspiration, class plans or would like to have an after school art club please see Key Stage one page.

This amazing and beautiful artwork was created by Southfield Primary School students and sold to raise money during the Sunflower Fete.


I offer one to one art sessions for all ages and for many reasons. Whether to gain skills or for mindfulness my private tutorials are based on the students likes, abilities and needs.

My one to one sessions can support young artists to gain new ideas and gain skills which will support their own creativity and help them with school work and encourage a their hobby in the home.

If you are looking to improve or find your creative side or you have a loved one you think would benefit with the company or support, having a one to one session can guide you or them in the right direction. I can help start a project which you can finish in your own time.

I provide all the materials, learning tools in your home.

£55.00 per hour or £100.00 for two hours.

Key stage 1 Art sessions for schools

Art in a bag or art in a story, are both wonderful ways of Storytelling for young children. Story telling is a great way of stretching a child’s imagination and their learning development. Story sessions with art are a great way to influence both socio-emotional development and cognitive skills.

Artwithlittlepics storytelling workshops for young children will give them an opportunity to learn new creative and artistic skills which will encourage them to express themselves. The activities will be designed to help the children build confidence and give the children skill’s which they will be able to use in their daily learning journeys, including homework and free time.

Each storytelling workshops will help the children’s mental health and wellbeing, as art and creativity supports relaxation, as well as helping children express their thoughts and emotions, expanding their understanding of the world.

Using art to tell a story will encourage children who are struggling with written text and reading, as this requires imagination from the words and the pictures on a page. The artwork will allow the child to understand the story and explore the characters and scenes in different ways. These art workshop for reception, year 1 & 2 will follow the new National curriculum. Ensuring the children fulfil as many key stage requirements for both art and design but also many other parts of the curriculum, touching on history, science, music and English.

• Each session will start with a story.

• At the beginning of each session, the children will have time to listen and understand the art activity.

• At the beginning of each project, the children will be able to discuss and compare ideas.

• The art project will use a range of materials and techniques.

• The children will have the opportunity to draw (pencil holding) colour in (exploring and learning colours), paint (using brushes) and sculpture (touch and feel).

• Sing songs, dance and learn rhymes.

• At the end of the art activity the children will be encouraged to tidy up their areas.

• Before the class is finished the children will have time to reflect and enjoy their work.

Example of the weeks and skills gained or improved:

Week 1: Exploring mixed media, to cut (scissors) and stick. Week 2: Exploring patterns, fine motor skills and listening Week 3: Exploring textures, exploring a range of products Week 4: Exploring lines and marking making, problems solving Week 5: Exploring textiles, different practice and disciplines Week 6: Exploring shapes, descriptive words and describing

Each art session the children will have created a wonderful piece of artwork they will be able to take home. This will encourage confidence and home discussion.

• Throughout the weeks the children will be able to create a collaborative piece, which in the final session they will be able to enjoy in small groups.

• During the art sessions, the children will be able to show and tell their work, giving them the opportunity to speak out loud to their peers, helping them develop languages and listening skills.

• The children will be able to work in pairs, helping them with their social skills and personal development, encouraging new friendships, building relationship and social skills

• They will have the opportunity to take photographs of their artwork using a digital camera. This will introduce to basic technology and computer skills throughout the sessions. The photographs of their artwork will then be used for my social media and learning materials and for school to use for the sunflower newsletter. The teacher will also be able to use the photographs for the children’s learning journals.

Closer to the time of the workshop I would come and discuss with the class teachers and key workers which story would suit the curriculum best. For example, Science – Plants and sessions, Geography – Places and locational knowledge, History – Lives of significant individuals. I would also take the opportunity to discuss any children who would need extra support and if some children would need more challenging activities.

@Artwithlittlepics currently runs the after-school art club, which has been a great success for the past few terms and is fully booked in advance.

A few of my Current parent testimonials:

• These art classes have been an inspiration for my daughter. Learning about different famous artists and their work. Ava now prefers to go off into her bedroom and draw rather than have screen time!

• This is a really special art class that gives a great grounding in art history as well as practical approaches that inspire the creation of really achieved and beautiful work. I’ve loved seeing what William and Ned have created each week and they are rightly proud of what they have created

• I like the way the class is structured so that the kids are introduced to a different artist each time and get to finish a piece of art at the end of each lesson. It’s always fresh and gives them a great sense of achievement. They’re introduced to different art mediums and learn about mixing colours and texturing, which is great from such a young age.

• It’s more than art… Celia manages to pass such creative energy to kids…this class goes beyond knowledge and technique…she has the gift of tranquillity and my children definitely benefited from her classes.

• Art Club has been such a fantastic way for my daughter to explore her creative side! In an environment that educates, experiments and pushes her understanding of art, art history, different mediums, having sensory fun and also the discipline to focus and finish her works of art.

Personal account from a current year 1 teacher at Southfield Primary School – Miss Gilby: I have worked for artwithlittlepics during holiday workshops. I have also witnessed many after school art classes. I have received lots of positive feedback from parents from my year 1 children about Miss Celia and her art club. The children need more exposure and opportunities to express themselves in a structured art environment, artwithlittlepics art workshops give structured, supportive and encouraging art experiences for children so they are able to make mistakes but not be disheartened by the challenging techniques. Miss Celia uses a trial and error approach to her class, making sure that each child feels happy through the classes. Miss Celia’s teaching is innovative and built on research. Her classes and workshops are up to date with new teaching, child understanding and the art world. The children respond well to Miss Celia as she is already a well-known member of the Southfield area community.

@artwithlittlepics is available on Friday’s to come into school to run 6 weeks courses and One off specialist classes in Primary Schools for year 1 – 6.

Two Day Gallery Walk

Event – Two day Gallery Walk

Location – Turnham Green Tube Station, Chiswick.

Dates – 16th & 17th December, 2019

Time – 9am – 3pm

Price – £85.00 for two days, Lunch and Sketch book included.

After very successful previous workshops, at the Scout Hut, Chiswick, W4/W3, I am delighted to offer this gallery walk is for 6 years plus during the December Christmas break. It will be running for 4 days, starting 16th December. 9am – 3pm, leaving from Turnham Green Tube station and collecting from the same location.

Both me (Celia Pickering) and Miss Gilby are CRB CHECKED, I have insurance to cover my art classes, clubs and workshops including outings, and we both have many years experience with teaching and childcare. Myself a Childminder and art teacher and Miss Gilby an early years teacher and head of department for over 10 years.

Each day has been planned and safeguarding checks have been done for each journey and location. All galleries have been informed on our arrival days and lunchrooms or lockers have been booked when possible. I will provide lunch, avoiding any allergies. A sandwich, crisps, fruit and seeded bar. The children will receive a sketchbook. Additional snacks and water will need to be provided by parents.

Children will need warm and waterproof clothes as we hope to spend time outside sketching some of London’s beautiful buildings, including Natural History Museum and St Pauls (weather depending).

Each child will be provided with high vis over vests. I will also provide all materials needed each day.

Once I have all booking I will create a WhatsApp group for all parents. This group will allow all information and photography to be shared and for us to be in contact during the days when necessary.

Spending money for children needs to be limited and each child needs to be responsible for their own purses, including checking change when buying from the gifts shops. I am aware children could buy some lovely Christmas gifts for family members, so parents could provide the children with a name to by for? I will not allow children to stop in cafés or shops to buy food and drinks.

For £9.50 the children can by @artwithlittlepics t-shirt, Gallery Your, 2019.

I invite all children who will love to spend their time drawing, colouring, painting and being creative. The gallery walk is designed for all children who want to learn about art and experience our amazing London Galleries. I encourage a relaxed and enjoyable attitude to art, allowing children to learn new and wonderful ways to express themselves through art and extending their knowledge about the world around them. Learning through art can build confidence and a positive outlook to learning.

Choose either 1, 2, 3 or 4 day’s, giving the children a chance to meet new friends, use their natural talents, have time to reflect (mindfulness) and have time to create some wonderful pieces of art work in their sketch books. While seeing our amazing London City and its beautiful buildings and iconic landmarks.

The children will have their own sketch books, worksheets and colouring sheet to take home and will be able to work on in their own time. All their new-found techniques can be transferred  into their school and homework. They will also have some amazing drawings and sketches to display at home or to show to family, friends and teachers. Their work will also be a great opportunity to start their art portfolio.

Max. of 10 children, so please book to avoid disappointment. All materials are provided. The children will receive a sketch book to take home to continue their art at home.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children who came along to my previous art workshops. The workshop’s were full on all days of inspirational children. The children’s artwork was truly amazing and I was very proud of all the children and their creativity. Their hard work and effort didn’t go unnoticed by myself, Sophie my artist, Miss G my amazing support teacher, Jenny, local crafty mum and Helena, art student. It was an absolute pleasure to be around so many well polite, kind and creative children.

I welcome all feedback positive or critical, as I am always looking to improve my classes. If you are on social media, Facebook (local groups), and Instagram I would be grateful for posts of the children’s artwork (I would love to see their work up on your walls) and to tell other local families, young and little artist’s about my art classes. Follow me @artwithlittlepics and add your comments.

Let them be creative, make them feel proud.

My classes focus on a famous artist or a masterpieces. I use a variety of materials each class to teach different techniques; an approach that enhances a child’s ability to communicate and express themselves. When children have the opportunity to hold a pencil or paintbrush, their fine motor skills improve and their imagination can go wild. Collecting materials, touching different textures and looking at colours will help children explore the world around them. Different shapes and patterns will introduce the child to basic maths and memory skills, while producing wonderful art and crafts. When children experiment with materials, such as mixing paint colours, they become exposed to a world of science and creativity. Most importantly, children will feel proud of their art achievements and new skills, which boosts their self-confidence.

Like Picasso said ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up’.

Never mind the Kids, put your art on the fridge, is a ladies Art class for Fun!

Next Class – Wednesday 29th January 2020

Thursday 27th February, 2020

Wednesday 25th March, 2020

Over the years of running many classes in and around West London for children, many mums, nannies and Grandma’s have said now much they would love the opportunity to do a similar structured art classes, but for themselves, JUST FOR FUN. So thanks to Kr Burzin at The Post room Café, 2 Bedford Corner, South Parade, Chiswick, W4 1LD, I have found the perfect space and location for this relaxed art class for ladies. Running once a month, with the day varying to suit everyone’s needs. The class is purely for fun, getting local London Ladies together to enjoy yourselves and be creative (honestly you don’t need to have a creative bone in your body). The classes will run in a similar way to the childrens classes – structured with step by step help and support, with all the materials provided. Each class we will look at a famous piece of artwork, artist or technique and you’ll get to recreate it. Using different materials and techniques each month.

Getting to this Chiswick Ladies art class couldn’t be easier with both the 94 and E3 bus stops seconds away and Turnham Green Station over the road. Chiswick High Road is a 5 minutes walks with many other buses taking you home to Hammersmith or Brentford.

BYO and I’ll bring the crisps.

10% off all soft drinks, including vegan and sugar free drinks.

NO current classes available

Post Room Cafe, Chiswick


When adding photo’s to social media please tag me in @artwithlittlepics and #nevermindthekidsputyourartonthefridge

All classes are non refundable, please check if I have availability to move your class before cancelling.