Pre School Classes, Learning through Art.

Take the opportunity to help your child learn and develop through art. Gaining skills while creating something beautiful to take home and be proud of.

Location: My Home, Southfield Road, Chiswick, W4,

Time: 10am – 10.45am

Day: Friday, term time only

Cost: £7.50 per child.

My art classes are a great opportunity for all children to be exposed to different forms of art and techniques. The classes are designed for all pre school ages, younger children will need support and encouragement from parents or carers while the older children will be able to enjoy  45 minute long classes independently. All ages will create a beautiful piece of art, which will be personal to them and a one off piece of artwork to take home.

Meet the artist
Each week my class will focus on a famous artist. We will use different materials, chat about different artists and create something amazing. Your little ones will be proud of their creations and will want to show off it friends and family. I will use different techniques when the classes are paint based and use an array of materials and methods, such as collage or craft. Using many different media and techniques will help develop a child’s ability to communicate and express themselves. When children have the opportunity to hold a pencil or paintbrush, their fine motor skills improve and their imagination can go wild. collecting materials, touching different textures and looking at colours will help children explore the world around them. Arranging and counting will introduce the child to basic maths and memory skills, while producing wonderful art and crafts. when children experiment with materials, such as mixing paint colours, they become exposed to science and creativity. Most important, art and crafts can a boost a child’s self esteem and make them feel proud of themselves, encouraging confidence.

The classes can include up cycling items from around the home creating something a child can use or display giving them a sense of achievement. Showing a child how to change an old or useless item into something useful and beautiful helps the basics of science and technology. In past classes the children have loved upcycling tin cans into vases, cup cakes cases into flowers and clothes pegs into giraffe’s and we’ve made bouncy snakes from paper plates, using paints, crayons, glue, scissors and stamps.

The celebration of national holidays and cultural awareness.
Celebrating national holidays and teaching our children about cultures through art and creative activities can highlight the wonderful world around them. Introducing special occasions can teach basic history to children, giving them an introduction to start to story telling and fantasy. We’ve done seasonal art like handprinted Easter Cards and we be do some great Halloween and Christmas art too, such labels for gifts and much more.

All feedback and queries are welcome please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or queries. If you have any artist, festival or artwork which you would like me to cover during my classes please let me know, as I would be happy to incorporate as many diverse topic’s and artist over the school year.

I offer one to one classes for pre school children, early years and primary school children. Please contact me for additional information or advice regarding your child’s needs and support. My support can help with children self confidence, anxiety and mindfulness.

These unique pre school art classes are conveniently located in Chiswick. The E3 bus service is regular, with the nearest tube a 10 minute walk, Turnham Green – District line.


@artwithlittlepics offers one to one classes for children in their home’s. Friday afternoon classes NCT groups in their home, Tshirt parties for little ones and ladies evenings classes in Chiswick and Acton and much more. Feel free to contact Celia for any additional information.