After School Art Club

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Currently all classes running via zoom

The Class, Each week the children will learn and focus on a piece of artwork. The artwork may be from around the world, a piece from history, a piece trending on social media or in the news, hanging in one of our london Galleries or museums, an illustrators or a local artist. The children will discover new techniques and styles, using different materials and media. The term is designed to cover a different style each week. ​

The classes begins with a group discussion on the artwork, the ideas and thoughts on what the children think of the artwork and what they see and thing it means and how it makes them feel. The children received an information sheet, containing the artists photograph and the artwork, so parents are can understand their children artwork to encourage discussions at home. ​

During class the children have an opportunity to read out loud and learn art history, including the background about the artist their technique and artwork. The classes uses many visual aids, step by step guides and the teacher s at hand to always be available to guild and support the children throughout the class. The children will have their own sketch books which they will be able to take home and continue their new-found techniques in their own time. The children will also have some amazing masterpieces to display at home and show family and friends.

Who’s the club for? All children aged 5 – 11 years (year 1/reception from January onwards – year 6), who love to spend their time drawing, colouring, painting or just being creative will love this class. The class is designed for children to learn new and wonderful ways to express themselves, in a relaxed atmosphere, improving their natural talents and learning to artistic skills.​

@artwithlittlepics after school club is very popular in many other primary schools, with the feedback of children learning much more than being creative. The class encourages new friends, confidence and expression, understanding of art history and the world around them and exposure to the many genres, medias and techniques, also creating a beautiful portfolio of artwork.​

Throughout the class children have time to reflect in a calm and encouraging environment, allowing them to grow and develop throughout the term. ​

Time: After school – 5.15pm, giving the children enough creativity time, including snack before class and tidying up after. Time also give parents adequate time for collection after work or personal commitments. Each child will need to be signed out after each class.​

Cost: £18.50 per child per class, discount places available (discount for siblings and single parent​). Termly payments paid in advance.

Additional cost: Portfolio and carry case £10.00. Payments to be made termly in advance. Details available online or via school webpage.​

Please contact me for payment details, Paypal or Bank Transfer

If you are a primary school or nursery looking for extra curriculum, art inspiration, class plans or would like to have an after school art club please see Key Stage one page.

This amazing and beautiful artwork was created by Southfield Primary School students and sold to raise money during the Sunflower Fete.