Zoom art classes

Due to Covid-19, I have not be able to offer art sessions and classes in and around Chiswick and Acton, West London. Although I can’t come to your home, school or nursery I can be in your living room and kitchen via a screen, with the joys of the internet and technology, I am now offering children of all ages and abilities, zoom art classes as part of a group, solo and early years, with the support of an adult.

I am very excited to be apart of this booming online service for childrens home schooling, supporting parents while they work from home. My zoom art classes have been very successful over this time of lockdown and quarantine, they have provide many children a creative platform to cover art as part of their home education. With support from my paper art packs and me on the screen, your children will be able to learn, be creative and build their confidence with their pencil.
My classes focus on a masterpiece, allowing the children to recreate it with my step to step guide sheets, visual aids and pictures. My teaching technique is to take apart a piece of artwork, for the children to put back together in their own creative way. The children will end their zoom art classes feeling proud of their artwork.

Age: 6 – 13 year olds

When: Wednesday’s 10.30am – 12.30pm,

Wednesday, 10:30-12pm

Cost: £18.50 per session, including pack

I provide a paper only art pack to your door a term in advance. To book, email me directly littlepicks@hotmail.com.

My unique sessions can support young artists to gain knowledge, new ideas, skills or confidence which will support their own creativity. My zoom classes can help children with their home learning, school work or encourage a hobby. My art zoom sessions can also help and promote good health, encouraging mindfulness, showing and guiding relaxation.

Other classes and Prices, including paper art pack:

£40.00 per hour for solo zoom session or family cost.

£20 half an hour (usually for early years, mother and child classes)

Minimum of 5 children for group zoom classes – £100.00 per household 6 classes (If you child is struggling during this time away from school and friends, this is the perfect opportunity to encourage home schooling with friends).

£100.00 for zoom 1 hour art party, maximum 10 children. Art gift included for birthday child with their favourite artist or artwork.