Art and Well-Being

Why not relax by colouring in my free doodle sheet for the whole family.

Colouring in has a crucial place in a child development and can easily be incorporated into a child’s day. It provides an opportunity to practice and develop many skills such as concentration, fine motor and coordination for early writing skills and correct finger grip.

Colouring in will encourage wellbeing and mindfulness in all ages, an opportunity to relax and take time away from the stressful challenges of covid, home schooling and working from home.

For a challenge limit your pallet or choose a square each and make it a family activity.
I can’t wait to see your efforts and creativity, post your colouring in on your social media pages and tag me in, @artwithlittlepics.

art therapy

Talk and Draw

Art therapy is a creative approach to help children with their emotions.

Art therapy is a safe and non judgmental environment for children who are struggling with their mental health or daily emotions.

Art helps

– Art encourages the use of the right side of the brain

– Art benefits children’s development, both academically and physically

– Art helps with mindfulness

– Art encourages fine motor skills, helping hand muscles

– Art promotes hand eye coordination

– Art teaches history and religion through images

– Art promotes confidence, provides a sense of accomplishment

– Art helps attention and concentration

– Art situlates imaginations

– Art reduces stress, promoting sleep and well-being

– Art helps children to learn colours, techniques, media and perspective

– Art encouraged conversation and discussion

– Art gives children an opportunity to make their own decisions.

Talk and Draw sessions available via zoom, contact Celia for availability Contact me

Thank you Miss Celia, your talk and art session have really helped Alfie. He now enjoys being left to draw independently. He also can talk about missing his Grandfather.

Thomas Hill